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About Us

Crafting sustainable jute and cotton fabrics, weaving eco-friendly stories since 1891.

Who we are
Champions of Sustainable Style

JUCOFABS, a sustainable brand, pioneers jute and cotton fabrics. Committed to eco-friendly, quality products, we redefine style with conscience!

JUCOFABS, rooted in 1891, is a trailblazer in sustainable jute and cotton fabrics. Our diverse range, endorsed by the National Jute Board, embodies eco-conscious elegance, breaking stereotypes, and promoting environmental responsibility globally.

What we do
Innovating With Eco-Fabrics

We craft eco-friendly Jute, and cotton fabrics, reducing environmental impact with quality and style. Join us in sustainability.

At Jucofabs, we specialise in creating sustainable jute and cotton fabrics. From eco-friendly bags to versatile home decor, we're dedicated to reducing environmental impact through our commitment to quality, innovation, and responsible practices.

USP of Jucofabs

Beyond Borders
Since 1891

JUCOFABS exports eco-friendly Jute and Cotton creations globally, promoting a greener lifestyle with every fabric produced.

Jucofabs, where sustainability meets style. Take your sustainable living to the next level with our premium jute and cotton textiles. From reducing carbon footprint to rigorous quality control, we redefine fashion with a conscience. Join us in making a stylish impact on the planet!

  • Tailored solutions for diverse needs.
  • Uncompromising commitment to sustainability.
  • Innovation woven into every thread.

Mission of Jucofabs


We're on a mission to redefine sustainability, crafting eco-friendly Jute and Cotton fabrics, one responsible choice at a time..

At Jucofabs, our mission is simple yet significant: To redefine sustainability in style. We're committed to crafting premium jute and cotton fabrics, promoting eco-friendly choices, and inspiring a greener tomorrow through our diverse, high-quality products.

  • Promote eco-friendly living.
  • Set Industry Standards for Quality and Craftsmanship.
  • Foster Long-lasting Customer Relationships through Excellence.

Vision of Jucofabs

Eco-Fabulous Living

Jucofabs Envisions a World Wrapped in Sustainable Jute and Cotton, Uniting Style, Comfort, and Responsibility.

Jucofabs envisions a world where sustainable living is effortless, and style meets responsibility. We strive to redefine fashion with eco-friendly jute and cotton fabrics, fostering a planet-friendly approach. Join us on the journey towards a greener, chic tomorrow.

  • Global Leader: Pioneering eco-friendly textiles worldwide.
  • Innovating for a greener, harmonious future.
  • IInspiring industry transformation through sustainable practices.

Apart from traditional jute products including yarn/twines

Welcome to JUCOFABS, a leading manufacturer and exporter of Jute and Cotton Products. The state of art facility manufactures a wide range of Jute rolls,


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